Hi, I'm Carter.

I'm 19, and I study AI, human-computer interaction, + industrial design at Georgia Tech. I utilize design thinking + computing to create disruptive systems that yield a more equitable future and expand opportunity.


Now developing: career exploration programs,graphics,

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College readiness elective class & web platform that offers career exploration tools & alumni networking. Curated curriculum with alma matter HS for class. Led team of 30 students in sub-teams that coordinate networking and speaker events. Designed and developed 27-page website. Created user journey within 9 different pathways for students to explore alumni career journeys known as "roadmaps."...more

Designed low-cost knee brace option for workers that suffer from osteoarthritis. Created a 3D prototype using Fusion 360. My device was intended as a low-cost (cuts costs by 80%), comfortable, and customizable alternative to the pre-sized, stiff, and uncomfortable options that insurance companies provide.

Prototype for e-ink touchscreen device that conceptually re-designs the call-light communication device at Henry Mayo Hospital. Conducted a case study on 20 registered nurses as part of market research. Designed in Fusion 360. Aimed to run a Python script on a Raspberry Pi, the prototype aims to improve workflow of nurses and increase patient satisfaction.

Non-profit that delivers groceries to at-risk individuals, all at zero-cost. I developed the user journey and UX/UI for our website, which had 15,000+ visitors and 400 deliveries for over $50K worth of groceries. As a member of the director board, I also contributed to the expansion and operation of the nonprofit.

Redesigned user journey, UX/UI and rebuilt information architecture for website. Utilized skillset in intentional design to improve SEO, enhance marketing strategy for attracting potential customers. Wrote & taught curriculum pertaining to UX/UI design, communication design, & personal branding. Class-size average of 20 high-schoolers with in-person & remote sessions.



Currently, I'm a CS and Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech. 

I’m a multidisciplinary content creator who enjoys pro bono work. I never leave things half-done, and I obsess over the details. I like problem-solving in a creative, value-oriented way. I don’t try to change THE world, but I constantly strive to change A world.

I believe in spreading opportunity for all, and accounting for those that are forgotten or silenced. I aspire to contribute to innovation in an altruistic, ethical way that allows me to utilize my creativity and to help others.

What's in my toolbox?

Languages-- Java, Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Tech-- ReactJS, Git, MongoDB, NodeJS, Express

Design-- Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Fusion 360, Keyshot, SOLIDWORKS

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