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My experience in sports and my interest in human anatomy has cultivated my interest in medicine. Through my experiences as a basketball player, I became transfixed with the mechanisms behind bodily movements and injury prevention, as well as rehabilitation. Continuing my interest in medicine and in sports, I began to search for opportunities that would further my experience in the world of medicine. Listed here are my experiences that result from my pursuit of experience in the medical field.


Volunteering at Henry Mayo provided me with crucial experience in a hospital environment. My interactions with doctors and patients helped to make me a more informed pre-med student. Assigned to the Nursing Unit, I helped to deliver supplies throughout the hospital, answer phones, and to make rounds to patients.


henry mayo


2019 - present


intern for dr. leslie g. levy,


2019 - present

At Dr. Leslie G. Levy's office, I shadow Dr. Levy's work, observing patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. Through my experience, I have learned a lot about medical terminology, diagnosis for various foot and ankle injuries, medical treatments, and engagement in the medical field in general.

"Carter is such an intuitive learner. He is always questioning how and why things are what they are. He is very easy to teach." - Dr. Levy


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