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Why I Started Project Helping Hand

Helping Hand is a non-profit tutoring organization that I created, specifically with the intent to combat the exclusivity of tutoring services to students of families with middle-to-high income.

It’s all about equal opportunity. To me, it starts with education. The reality is, not all kids are given a fair chance to develop through proper education and to garner an environment dedicated to propelling then into a career of choice. Instead, we live in a society where the people with opportunity thrive, while those who are not as financially stable are stuck. Stuck in a world where they lack the necessary resources to live out their dreams, or even to be in an environment that encourages them to have a dream in the first place. Every human being has potential. As a result, through Project Helping Hand, it is in my best interest to provide that opportunity to kids that lack the chance to live out that potential. Our goal is simple: to provide tutoring and any other necessary assistance outside the classroom that will in turn lead to success inside the classroom. I aim to target communities that lack sufficient tutor services, because these are the communities that need our help the most. It is our hope that Project Helping Hand will play a part in combating unequal opportunity for students by providing a resource that helps to allow students to reach their potential. To me, the problem is simple: not everyone has the resources to have a quality education. However, in my perspective the solution is just as simple: it starts with providing a resource outside the classroom. The unfortunate reality is that while certain groups of people thrive, they look down upon less fortunate groups of people, with the personal belief that they earned all of their accomplishment through hard work. However, what we have to remember is that the majority of these people had the opportunities to find success. It’s not fair if society looks down upon the people who find themselves in a less fortunate position if they don’t even have the opportunities to excel in the first place...This is why I started Project Helping Hand.

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